Analyzing the top-rated inventory management software options

Analyzing the top-rated inventory management software options

According to a few studies, businesses that are practicing proper inventory management strategies are able to boost their profitability for up to 50%. There are many ways in which you can conduct these strategies, but the simplest one is by using inventory management software. Of course, there is not just one solution like this available on the market. If you want to find the best one for your business, it’s probably a good idea to read this blog post because we have listed a few solutions that have helped many companies take care of their inventory management needs.


Ordoro is one of the most used inventory management software solutions today. There are many things that users like about Odoro including a long list of features, great customer support, and simple and relatively low fees. Besides ordinary inventory management, Ordoro also provides drop-shipping management. You can try this system for free if you want. Another thing that we should mention is that you can get smooth POS integration if you need.


Just like Ordoro, Cin7 is not typical inventory management software. This is more like a complete business system that allows you to connect and manage POS systems, eCommerce activities, 3rd party logistics, EDI, warehouses, transactions and more. The good news is that Cin7 provides a free trial period that lets users figure out whether they want to use this software or not. It’s also good to know that Cin7 offers detailed tutorials, webinars, and guides. The only downside is that that this software is offering relatively costly packages.


Fishbowl is often advertised as the best inventory management system for QuickBooks users. It’s perfect for mid-sized and small businesses that rely on QuickBooks for all their accounting needs. This software provides a number of features including part tracking, multiple locations, integration with different shipping options, merchant services, and a barcoding system. With a two-week trial period, smooth QuickBooks integration and detailed knowledge center, this inventory management software is a must try.


If you are interested in simple, user-friendly, yet efficient inventory management software, then you should take Veeqo into account. In addition to the great user experience, Veeqo also provides Royal Mail and FedEx integration and lower shipping rates. But, there are some disadvantages of using Veeqo too like lack of product pushing and nondetailed invoicing which some users may find problematic.

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